This is a short video showing the process involved to create these beautiful pens. My father in law is a retired cabinet maker and my husband is an enthusiast in what ever creative mission I am on at the time. So between the three of us we had some fun in the work shed and created my vision. I was a very hard task master, I wanted to get them just right. There was a lot of trial and error. I had my nibs ready to test as we went. There were some small restrictions like getting the ends thinner but I like the simplicity of the design as it showcases the beautiful woods from Blackbutt. The feel of the pen is comfortably light and sits well into the hand. I am still experimenting with designs. Next I plan to make a slightly thicker pen that will suit someone with bigger hands of course I will need to find others to test these to suit their grip. 

I am making oblique calligraphy pens and straight holder calligraphy pens. We are also making pen holder rests and ink wells. We have a wide variety of woods to chose from these include: Crows Ash, Pencil Cedar, Hairy Oak, New Guinea Rosewood, Rose Mahogany, Red Bean, Plush Elder, Camphor Laurel, Bull Oak Silky Oak, Walnut, Pepperina, Red Cedar, Red Oak, Yellow Wood, Creek Oak, Beef Wood, Blue Gum and Sergie. Images of these pens are coming soon...

Libbi Reed