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Hello! My name is Libbi. I'm a lover of calligraphy and all things hand lettering and the maker of beautiful calligraphy penholders made from quality Australian woods. I started out with a bucket list to tick off that started with practicing pointed pen calligraphy and because I was having so much fun I decided to continue this over into teaching and research with a doctoral degree at Griffith University. I'm still working through this but I am having a lot of fun along the way. 

My focus is on play and experimentation of the letterform. Explorations of writing by hand, whether that be slow and practised pointed pen calligraphy or everyday handwriting improvements. My interests lie within the realms of teaching and exploring cursive handwriting and building skills around the ability to write by hand, either for legibility or aesthetic purposes.

Encouraging any form of writing by hand is central to my ethos as the ritual of picking up a pencil, pen or calligraphy penholder to create that connection to self-expression. I have fallen in love with the whole process of turning wood into penholders and now I am making my penholders available to others. You can find a selection of oblique penholders to buy here with more styles and colours to come.

It is important to me to find new ways to express myself creatively, whether that be to indulge in my calligraphy or handwriting or to experiment with an array of creative hand written or hand made projects. Mostly what this is all about, is living a creative life with a pencil or penholder in hand.